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Each student in my fifth grade class was given the assignment to write a poem, and all were submitted to Child Life. Many of the poems were published, including mine. I didn't publish anything over the next 17 years. I was not an avid reader, until I got bifocal glasses years ago. Now, I read.

I also began to write, mainly because having a few publishing credits was thought to open doors of opportunity. In a competitive profession, publications are valuable. In fact, skillful use of language in any way, whether writing, reading, speaking, accent, etc. is an asset. Authorship benefits me in other indirect ways. Although considered strange to some, envy to a few who wish they had written their book or poem, and annoying to those caught in the trap of a mass hysteria.

An interest in classical guitar and history of medicine resulted in “Paganini, The Riddle and Connective Tissue” in Journal of the American Medical Association, which led to other inquiries and publications, such as two volumes on Herman Melville, and four on the craze of managed care.

'ObamaCare' extends many features of managed care that failed: it promises what it cannot produce. It is another federal government program that over-promises and is under-funded.