Richard Dean Smith, MD

Amazon "Best Books of 2013 So Far"

Pool: It's Mental. It's Physical. It's Mystical.

POOL: ITíS MENTAL! ITíS PHYSICAL! ITíS MYSTICAL! approaches the game from the mental aspects of competition, playing before spectators, and performance anxiety which I interpret and apply to pool and billiards. POOL: ITíS MENTAL! ITíS PHYSICAL! ITíS MYSTICAL! explores ways mental and metaphysical aspects of the game operate in all players: part practical, slightly clinical, some personal experience, and a few mental cases. "Table roll," the equivalent of mysticism, or is it?

Selected Works

Fiction, Mystery
Pool: more than mental, more than physical, it's partly mystical.
Historical fiction, a mystery
A doctor and family struggle to survive in the era of managed care. Dr. Browne uncovers deception by government, insurance companies, consultants, hospitals, and others.
Medical management.
Satire of the absurdity of a national craze: managed care.
Health of Keyboard Workers.
Social importance of an irrational mass movement.