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My Works

MELVILLE'S COMPLAINT: Doctors and Medicine in the Art of Herman Melville
MELVILLE'S SCIENCE: "Devilish Tantalization of the Gods!"
MANAGED CARE: Anatomy of a Mass Medical Movement
RISE AND FALL OF MANAGED CARE: History of the Mass Medical Movement
CAPTAIN NOON! or Procrastination Considered as One of the Fine Arts
POOL: It's Mental. It's Physical. It's Mystical

Midnight at DeadSTRoke Billiard Club and Rispah Cafe

An off-beat mystery. Strong men. Strong women. A suspect. A few strange birds haunt the poolroom. Can Dr. Kendrick solve two mysteries?

Pool: It's Mental. It's Physical. It's Mystical.

Once a player masters the basics of pool, mental aspects become paramount. Even expert players are plagued by the game's mental demands. I look at the game from the point of view of the player striving to improve his/her game faced with the importance of the mental aspects of playing before spectators, competitive and performance stress, as well as strange and mystical occurrences within the confines of the green abyss of a pool table. I explore and interpret ways these mental and metaphysical aspects of the game operate in all players. These phenomena are important in many aspects of life, including other games such as golf and tennis, test taking, performance in the presence of peers, and many others. Good luck!

Requiem for Doctor Edward Browne.

When Dr. Browne’s partner retires, his practice is taken over by Dr. Forbes Q. Hazzig, who becomes a zealot for a ‘managed care revolution’ of ‘marketplace medicine.’ Browne and his associate Dr. Kennes receive irrational, discordant information from healthcare experts, consultants and economists, a mystery to be solved. Browne learns that rhetoric of a mass movement must be as erroneous as possible promising a vague, glorious future. Hazzig grows immensely rich and gains enormous power relying on intimidation and coercion.
Joanna Browne’s exhibition of J.M.W. Turner becomes a thrilling success, yet Hazzig’s wife succeeds in eliminating Joanna’s position at East Valley Museum of Art. Joanna must accept a position at a distant university; her absence devastates Browne.
Browne and Kennes discover managed care was based on a Washington bureau hoax, the ‘health maintenance strategy’ of 1973: an irrational mass movement, a mass hysteria. Hazzig plots to humiliate and ruin the two doctors; each threat goes awry. Hazzig is discredited; his illusory wealth collapses.
Reunited with Joanna, Dr. Browne receives a disturbing invitation to return to East Valley to be recognized with Dr. Kennes for their efforts to expose the folly of managed care.

Trust in a Medical Setting.

"Gaining a patient's trust, or trust of a patient's family, may seem to be a given, but achieving trust is a fragile, individual, hazardous endeavor. In an era of distrust of institutions and professions, the patient must trust the staff of doctors, nurses, and therapists before a working therapeutic relationship can be established."

"Award-Wining Finalist in the Medical Reference category of the Best Books 2006 Book Awards"

The Circus of Medicine.

Managed care, based on a hoax out of Department of Health, Education and Welfare in the early 1970s, became an irrational mass movement, a national hysteria that must fail with many tragically hurt. Satire.

CRS: Computer-Related Syndrome: The Prevention and Treatment of Computer-Related Injuries. Richard Dean Smith, MD and Steven T. Garske, MS, PT.

The computer workstation must be considered a potentially hazardous place. Computer keyboard workers are akin to armchair athletes subject to the same stresses and injuries experienced by athletes. Our purpose is to alert keyboard workers to early warning signs, explain how to best arrange workstations, provide both preventive and therapeutic exercises, and enable workers to 'train' for computer keyboard work. With drastic cutback of workers compensation insurance benefits, prevention and early intervention is especially important.

Rise and Fall of Managed Care: History of the Mass Medical Movement.

Since the early 1970s, rising medical costs resulted in a profusion of healthcare plans and criticism of the profession of medicine: a confusing, chaotic, divisive setting for providing medical care. Little or no communication took place between those who purchased medical insurance plans and those who provided medical services—physicians, dentists, hospitals, and other providers. Promotion of managed care plans took on an excited, carnival atmosphere generating promise that a glorious, new era was approaching.
Since doctors order most medical care, managed care proponents emphasized the importance of controlling practices of doctors. They claimed extensive changes were needed, that almost any criticism against the profession of medicine was warranted. Enterprising economists, entrepreneur consultants and a host of others became self-styled experts and advisers to hospitals and businesses over the issue of "cost containment" and invented the imperative "runaway costs." Accusations leveled against physicians by advocates of managed care were puzzling, disturbing, and frustrating. We were told that "managed care is what's out there," "business likes managed care," and managed care is "here to stay." The new ethic became marketplace competition, cost containment, prevention, and control.
Although most doctors at one time objected to the idea of managed care, rising sentiment against regular fee-for-service practice eventually took its toll to the point many physicians became convinced that it was up to doctors to make managed care work. Corporate benefits managers at first were opposed to the notion of managed care, but gave in to pressure from corporate management.
Managed care advocates created fear, uncertainty, and division by telling physicians that the only possibility of survival in "changing climate of health care" was to "embrace" managed care. Economists and politicians charging outright criminal activity by all physicians became the norm. Doctors and public were told that a new age had dawned, the old order was out, we had better get on board or be left behind. By declaring managed care an "unassailable truth," managed care was propelled into a revolution, a mass movement. Yet, physicians who "embraced" managed care found themselves in an ethical and practical bind.
Enthusiasm that led to the managed care mass movement followed the same course as other mass movements—a restructuring of medical care was called for, the old was suddenly outdated, a "crisis" proclaimed, a social transformation declared!

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